Vacancy Search Page Template One

The vacancy search page will display any live vacancy. You have the ability to add or remove a search function depending on the volume of vacancies live, the search criteria can also be edited. Additional components can be added and should be discussed with your Customer Relationship Manager to review costs.

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Global Template
AA Accessible
Base Components

This vacancy search page template allows for a maximum of three merge fields which are all stacked above one another and span across the majority of a potential candidate's screen. By default these fields are set to location, discipline and keyword but they can be customised if you require them to be. Your best results if these fields are generic as there is less of a chance the user would accidentally hide a vacancy that interests them.

  • Search fields are Keyword, Location and Discipline by default.
  • Maximum 3 search fields.
  • For maximum conversion: Use generic fields such as Location or Discipline.
  • Styling not customisable. System Defined

This template uses a simple vacancy layout which prioritises minimal design in order to maximise the information a potential candidate receives before clicking into the vacancy. The vacancy layout presents your vacancies in two columns meaning if you have a high amount of live vacancies a potential candidate won't have to scroll for a long time to access them all. Each vacancy can display three vacancy fields to match the three search fields but also the start of the vacancy description. This gives a potential candidate a bit more information on the vacancy, hopefully catching their interest and prompting them to find out more.

ICT Systems Analyst


£18,000 - £20,000


We are currently seeking an ICT Systems Analyst... read more


in 5 days



£18,000 - £20,000



in a month

  • Vacancies displayed in two columns.
  • Vacancy fields to match search fields.
  • Uses primary brand colour by default.
  • Customisable: Primary or secondary brand colour. Possible AA Restrictions
  • For maximum conversion: Consider the number of vacancies you'll have live before choosing your template.
  • Styling not customisable. System Defined