Vacancy Advert Template Three

Advert templates will be used to display vacancy specific information. You can use the components below to customise the template.

Preview advert template three
Global Template
AA Accessible
Base Components

The header banner will sit towards the top of your advert, just below your client logo and navigation bar. The header banner aims to be one of the first things a potential candidate will be drawn towards on your advert and gives them a sense of your brand. This template displays a large lifestyle image. This image aims to reinforce your brand identity and give any potential candidate a sense of your brand before they scroll down to find out further information regarding the role.

  • Provide a lifestyle image at a large size.
  • Styling not customisable. System Driven

The merge fields on this vacancy advert template sit right at the top of the page and will be one of the first things a potential applicant sees. This advert template displays a maximum of four merge fields at the top of the vacancy which you may specify.

Location: {Location}

Salary: {Salary}

Contract Type: {Contract Type}

Status: {Status}

  • Maximum 4 merge fields.
  • For maximum conversion: Use the Salary & Location merge fields.
  • Styling not customisable. System Driven

By default this advert template comes with a Google Map which shows a potential candidate where the working location is. This map is presented at the bottom of the vacancy, just above the social share component. The map gives the potential candidate a general idea of where the vacancy is based. The map is interactive and allows a potential candidate to view the location of the vacancy along with the surrounding area. If they wish to a potential candidate can click onto the map which will take them to the Google Map site and show them the location and provide them with directions.

  • Google Map is displayed at the bottom of the vacancy above the social share component.
  • Google Map is removed if the vacancy doesn't have an assigned postcode.
  • Styling not customisable. Google Restrictions