Media Sizings & Specs

We require you to provide media in different sizes and specifications based on the products you have purchased.

As a general rule any media you send to us is better being set at a large size using a large resolution. This is because we are able to shrink a large image without losing quality but when increasing a smaller image the sharpness of an image is often lost.

Below you will find any cases of specific media requests where we need you to provide media in a specific file type or sizing. If the media you are looking for is not listed below then we will simple want the media providing to us at a large size using a large resolution.

A video banner can be used on specific templates and is often found at the head of a page. If you wish to make use of a video banner, providing the template you have selected supports it, we will require a .mp4 file of the video no larger than 3mb in size. These restrictions are to ensure the background video loads fast and runs smoothly across as many devices and browsers as possible. The video you provide should be short and will be set to loop, providing a constant moving background.

  • Size: Video file under 3mb.
  • Specification: Short video as a .mp4 file, this will be set to loop.

Content videos can be added in specific areas across our range of products. These aim to reinforce your content by presenting Youtube or Vimeo videos to the user. All we require from you to make use of these content videos is a link to a public Youtube or Vimeo video.

  • Size: N/A
  • Specification: A link to a public Youtube or Vimeo video.