Vacancy Advert Template Two

Advert templates will be used to display vacancy specific information. You can use the components below to customise the template.

Preview advert template two
Global Template
AA Accessible
Base Components

The merge fields on this vacancy advert template sit right at the top of the page and will be one of the first things a potential applicant sees. This advert template displays three merge fields at the top of the vacancy which you may specify.

Salary {Salary}
Location {Location}
Contract Type {Contract Type}
  • Maximum 3 merge fields.
  • For maximum conversion: Use the Salary & Location merge fields.
  • Styling not customisable. System Driven

The social media icons on this vacancy advert template are displayed in the footer. The way these icons are displayed is defined by the advert and therefore cannot be changed. The icons are displayed this way as a potential candidate is likely to scroll through the whole advert before wanting to find more information. By default these icons will use your primary brand colour but this can be changed to the secondary colour if you wish.

  • Social media icons will be displayed in the vacancy footer.
  • Provide a URL for each icon.
  • For maximum conversion: Use primary brand colour.
  • Customisable: Primary or secondary icon colour. Possible AA Restrictions