Vacancy Search Page (VSP) Component Library

Vacancy Search Page components make up the content of each template. Each component is presented below, showcasing functionality, along with customisation options. If a component you are looking for is not presented below then please take a look at the global component library.

Base Components

The job search component sits at the top of your vacancy search page directly under the navigation. Its purpose is to draw the attention of any potential candidate. The job search on your vacancy search page can feature a large background image, a gradient colour that represents your brand or make use of both simultaneously. The job search component allows potential candidates to find the vacancies they are interested in. This function is useful if you plan to have a high number of vacancies live at one time to prevent potential candidates being overfaced with too many jobs.

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  • Provide lifestyle image at large size.
  • Gradient uses primary brand colour by default.
  • For maximum conversion: Supplied background image to be a lifestyle image.
  • Customisable: Gradient can be primary or secondary brand colour. Possible AA Restrictions

The search fields on your vacancy search page define what a potential candidate can search for when looking through your live vacancies. These fields are set to generic values by default but can be customised should you require a specific search field. The amount of fields you can use and the styling of these fields is defined by each vacancy search page.

  • Maximum number of search fields is defined by the template.
  • Styling of search fields is defined by the template.

The vacancy layout defines how potential candidates will see your current vacancies. The content and styling of the vacancy layout is defined by each vacancy search page template. It is advised that you consider the number of vacancies you will have live at one time when choosing your vacancy search page template. This is because your vacancy layout is defined by the template and can differ.

ICT Systems Analyst


£18,000 - £20,000


We are currently seeking an ICT Systems Analyst... read more


in 5 days



£18,000 - £20,000



in a month

  • Styling of vacancy layout is defined by the template.
  • Automatically responds to deliver best experience on all devices.
  • For maximum conversion: Consider the number of vacancies you'll have live before choosing your template.
  • Styling not customisable. System Defined
Content Components

There are currently no content components specific to our vacancy search page templates. You find our global content components in the global component library.