Vacancy Advert Component Library

Advert components make up the content of each advert template. Each component is presented below, showcasing functionality, along with customisation options. If a component you are looking for is not presented below then please take a look at the global component library.

Base Components

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The merge fields are what pull through the information specific to each vacancy and you can decide exactly what information is displayed. You will be able to discuss your desired merge fields during your consultation and these can be generic or specific to you. Along with this you’ll be able to specify a standard font to display both the vacancy details and the job description in.

The only thing we require from you is to tell us the information you’re wanting to display to your candidates and we will sort the rest. Whilst the information that is pulled through is fully customisable, the layout cannot be customised. The placement of these merge fields is defined by the vacancy advert template you decide to use. When viewing your vacancy a candidate would want to see this key information instantly, we have built these templates to reflect thats and for this reason the placement of these merge fields cannot be customised.

Vacancy Salary: £ 25,000 per annum.
Vacancy Location: Otley, United Kingdom.
Vacancy Status:14 days left to apply!
  • Merge fields available are defined by the implementation team.
  • Maximum number of merge fields is defined by the template.
  • For maximum conversion: Use the Salary & Location merge fields.
  • Styling not customisable. System Driven

Template 1Template 2Template 3

The documents work alongside the vacancy. You can attach the documents to the advert for anyone to download and view.

  • Provide us with the documents.
  • Styling not customisable. Nothing to Style

Template 1Template 2Template 3

The Highlight Bar sits at the top of the page under the navigation. It's purpose is to provide punchy benefits to the potential candidate. The Highlight Bar can hold up to three benefits no longer than 21 characters in length and will be accompanied by an icon. By default the Highlight Bar will use the primary brand colour with either white or black text depending on which contrasts better.

Private Healthcare
Company Bonus Scheme
Development Scheme
  • Display three custom benefits.
  • Uses primary brand colour by default.
  • Uses either WHITE or BLACK as the text colour, whichever is best contrast.
  • Customisable: Primary or secondary brand colour. Possible AA Restrictions
Content Components

There are currently no content components specific to our advert templates. You find our global content components in the global component library.